About the Alert Definitions/Notifications Page

To access this page, select Monitor > Alarms & Alerts > Definitions/Notifications in the Administration Portal.

Use the Alert Definitions page to manage alert definitions for SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and view alert definitions for security. An alert definition consists of data criterion for triggering alerts about issues in the SD-WAN environment. Alert definitions also define the necessary action required to resolve issues based on the severity of the alert. An alert is triggered when the event threshold exceeds the data criteria that is defined. You can create an alert definition to monitor your data in real time and identify issues and attacks before they impact your network.

You can also enable or disable SD-WAN/SD-LAN alarm notification.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 151 describes the fields on the SD-WAN alert definitions pane.

Table 151: Fields on the SD-WAN Alert Definitions Pane




Rule Priority

View the priority of the alert definition. A value of one (1) indicates highest priority.

Alert Description

View the description of the alert.


View the matching alert criteria to trigger the alert.


View the action to be performed to resolve issues.


View the additional configuration parameters that you can pass on to the rule action function.

Table 152 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Security alert definitions pane.

Table 152: Fields on the Security Alert Definitions Pane




Alert Name

View the name of the alert.

Alert Description

View the description for the alert.


View filter values of the alert.


View recipients’ e-mail addresses where alert notifications are sent.


View the status of the alert.

Alert Type

View the type of alert.

Example: Event-based


View the tenant who defined the alert.