Configuring Route Reflectors from Contrail Command

Contrail Networking enables you to configure a control node as a route reflector from the Contrail Command user interface (UI).


Follow these steps to configure a route reflector from Contrail Command UI:

  1. Click the Infrastructure > Cluster page.

    The Overview tab is displayed.

  2. Click the Advanced Options tab.

    The Global Config tab is displayed, which lists all system configuration information.

  3. Click the BGP Routers tab.

    A list of control nodes are displayed. See FigureĀ 69.

    Figure 69: BGP Routers List

    BGP Routers List
  4. Select the desired control node from the check box and click the Edit icon.

    The BGP tab in the Edit BGP Router page is displayed.

  5. To configure the control node as route reflector, you must assign a Cluster ID value in IPv4 format. See FigureĀ 70.

    Figure 70: Add Cluster ID value

    Add Cluster ID value
  6. Click Save.

    The Cluster ID information is saved and the BGP Routers tab is displayed.

The selected control node starts functioning as a route reflector.