Create Service Template


Follow these steps to create a service template by using the Contrail Command UI:

  1. Click Services>Catalog.

    The VNF Service Templates page is displayed.

  2. Click Create.

    The Create VNF Service Template page is displayed.

  3. Enter test-service-template in the Name field.
  4. Select v2 as the version type.

    NoteĀ  Contrail Networking supports only Service Chain Version 2 (v2).

  5. Select Virtual Machine as the virtualization type.
  6. Select In-Network as the service mode.
  7. Select Firewall as the service type.
  8. From the Interface section,

    NoteĀ The interfaces created on the virtual machine must follow the same sequence as that of the interfaces in the service template.

    Figure 83: Adding Interfaces

    Adding Interfaces
  9. Click Create to create the service template.

    The VNF Service Templates page is displayed. The service template that you created is displayed in the VNF Service Templates page.