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Upgrading HealthBot


To upgrade from a previous version of HealthBot, perform the following steps:


The steps are a subset of performing a new installation. For more information, see Using the Interactive Installers

  1. Download the Contrail HealthBot package from the Juniper Networks software download page to a temporary directory (like /var/tmp) on the server. Note that downloading software requires a account.
  2. Install the Healthbot package as follows:

    For Ubuntu:

    $ sudo apt-get install -y /<path-to-deb-file>/healthbot-<version>.deb

    For CentOS:

    $ sudo yum install -y /<path-to-rpm-file>/healthbot-<version>.noarch.rpm
  3. Enter sudo healthbot setup to configure the installation.
  4. Enter healthbot start to start HealthBot services including the Web UI.

Upgrading from HealthBot Release 1.0.0

When upgrading from HealthBot Release 1.0.0, you must first manually backup the HealthBot configuration using the Web UI. After the upgrade is complete, restore the configuration using the Web UI. For more information on these tasks, see Deploying, Backing Up, and Restoring the HealthBot Configuration.

Note that you only need to backup and restore the configuration data (the HealthBot configuration information that includes playbooks, etc.). The time series data (the data collected from the devices used for root cause analysis, etc.) is automatically retained.