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Checking HealthBot Service Status


A dedicated service, healthbot_hbmon, monitors the state of HealthBot. It monitors the CPU and memory usage of the individual HealthBot services in terms of percentages, and triggers an alarm at predefined settings. Alarms are viewable on the HealthBot Web UI. For example, for both CPU and memory usage:

  • 100% or greater is critical.

  • 95-100% is major.

  • 75-95% is minor.

If the state goes from critical to normal, the alarm is automatically closed. For more information about monitoring alarms, see Alarms and Notifications.

To view the default HealthBot services, use the healthbot status command:

Similarly, the healthbot status --device-group healthbot and healthbot status --network-group healthbot commands show the default HealthBot services. For example:

After the device groups and network groups are defined, you can view their services. The following example shows HealthBot services running on a device group named edge and a network group named 13vpn:

The HealthBot Web UI displays the names of the device groups and network groups you created.