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Understanding Action Engine Workflows


Action engine workflow is a Beta feature.

When creating rules, Paragon Insights includes the ability to run user-defined actions (UDAs) as part of a trigger. UDAs are Python scripts that can be configured to be triggered by a Paragon Insights rule.

You cannot track and manage UDAs, pause an action, retry a failed action, and resume a paused action. However, with Release 4.1.0, Paragon Insights supports action engine workflow monitoring. An action engine workflow is an action engine that you can use to configure a set of tasks (instances). You can configure action engine workflows, monitor existing action engine workflows, and manage action engine workflow instances from the Paragon Insights GUI.

You can view action engine workflows that you created by using the CLI in the Paragon Insights GUI. You can perform the following actions from the CLI:

  • run NETCONF command

  • run arbitrary executable files such as Python, Bash, Ruby

  • run a command to send notification messages

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