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Known Issues


Upgrade from Release 2.X to Release 4.X

If you are on a 2.X release of Paragon Insights and want to move to Release 3.1.0 or Release 4.0.0 with a multinode (Kubernetes) installation, you must do a fresh installation. To migrate your data from Paragon Insights Release 2.X (Docker Compose) to Release 3.X (Kubernetes) or Release 4.0.0 (Kubernetes) follow the procedure here: Migration from Paragon Insights Release 2.X to 3.X. This issue does not apply if you are upgrading from Release 3.X to Release 4.0.0.

Upgrade from Release 3.2 (Docker Compose) to Release 4.0.0

You cannot use the existing setup if you upgrade from Release 3.2 (Docker Compose) to Release 4.0.0. We recommend that you do not upgrade from Release 3.2 (Docker Compose) to Release 4.0.0.

User Credentials from Release 2.X

Any user credentials present prior to upgrade from 2.X must be re-created after upgrade from release 2.X to Release 3.X or Release 4.0.0. This issue does not apply if upgrading from Release 3.X to or Release 4.0.0.

RBAC Limitations

The role-based access control (RBAC) feature is limited to providing either read-only or read-write access to all pages for any user except the hbadmin user. Fine-grained access to pages or features is not controlled in this release.

Paragon Insights CLI

No documentation support is provided for the Paragon Insights CLI. Contact a Juniper Networks representative for support.

Deploy Playbooks

If you deploy playbook instances back-to-back, the deployment may fail due to a database error. This is a rare scenario. You can redeploy or roll back the configuration as this is a timing issue.

GUI for Sensor Precedence and Multiple Active Sensors

Currently, there is no GUI for the sensor precedence and multiple active sensors features. You cannot use the GUI rule editor to write or edit the rules using these features. You can write rules in the .rule file and upload the file to Paragon Insights.

Dashboard Configuration Settings

After you upgrade to Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0, the dashboard configurations that you have saved in the earlier versions of Paragon Insights are not available.

TSDB Ports

In Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0, the TSDB port is exposed by default. If you need to shut down the TSDB port for security reasons, you can use the healthbot tsdb stop-services command. External API queries to TSDB do not need the TSDB port to be exposed. However, if you use external tools such as Grafana, or you need to run a query to the TSDB directly (and not through APIs), the TSDB port must be exposed.

Invalid URL in Generated Reports

If you are using a multinode setup, then the generated reports that you receive to your e-mail ID do not contain a valid URL for you to access the Reports page in the GUI. The valid URL for accessing the reports is https://Virtual IP Address:8080/health-report-management/reports.

Restore IAM Configuration

Before you restore the IAM configuration (users, user roles, and user groups), you need to manually clean up the data related to the existing IAM configuration. Otherwise, the restore operation fails due to a conflict of data between the IAM configuration in the backup file and the existing IAM configuration.