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Resolved Issues


Installation on Existing Kubernetes Clusters

A multi-node installation of HealthBot Release 3.1.0 can now be performed on an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Warning Messages During Remove or Install on RPM-based Servers

During HealthBot remove or install operations on RPM-based (CentOS or RedHat) servers for releases 3.0.0 and 3.0.1, a lot of warnings were shown on the terminal regarding inability to remove files because they were not found. This issue has been resolved.

User-Defined Functions as Key Fields

Previously, user-defined functions could not be referenced as key fields within a rule definition. This issue has been resolved.

Docker Compose Service Name Routing Issue

For docker compose-based deployments, under some scenarios the healthbot-gateway service was not able to route API requests to underlying services due to failure in resolving the service name. This issue has been resolved.

iAgent Playbooks

For a certain few iAgent-based playbooks, adding, playing, or pausing a new set of playbooks on top of an already running set of iAgent-based playbooks on the same device group caused the action to fail. This issue has been resolved.