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New and Changed Features


We’re pleased to announce the availability of HealthBot Release 3.0.1. With this release, the new and changed features include:

Internet Connection Requirement for Installation

Prior to version 3.0.1 of HealthBot, an active Internet connection from the primary HealthBot server is required for downloading Kubernetes components during the setup phase of installation. Starting with HealthBot Release 3.0.1, the requirement for an active Internet connection for the setup phase of installation has been removed. To use the offline installation, you must copy the file healthbot-offline.tgz to the /var/local/healthbot directory prior to issuing the healthbot setup command.

An Internet connection is still required for the initial apt-get install (Debian) or rpm -i (CentOS or RedHat) phase of the installation. During this package extraction phase, the system uses the Internet connection (through wget) to download required system packages.

Device List Dashlet Enhancement

The Device List Dashlet is enhanced to display the number of device groups that contain the corresponding device.