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Known Issues


The following is a list of known issues in Contrail HealthBot Release 2.0.1:

  • For factory default HealthBot rules configured with an iAgent sensor, the format type of some fields used in the rule's triggers are undefined and stored as string values by default. Consequently, you cannot create graphs from these fields.

    Workaround- Create a copy of the HealthBot rule and save the rule with a different name. In the rule definition Field block, add the fields you want to plot and assign them with the format type integer or float.

  • When the k-means algorithm is used for HealthBot dynamic threshold, data prediction is delayed at the start of each pattern periodicity bucket until a sufficient number of samples (32 data points) are collected.

    Workaround- Use the 3-sigma algorithm.

  • In the Graph page, canvases that were saved in HealthBot Release 2.0.0 will still appear in the Saved Canvas table after upgrading to Release 2.0.1. However, all graphs associated with these canvases will no longer be displayed. We recommend deleting these canvases and creating new ones.

  • No documentation support is provided for the HealthBot CLI. Contact a Juniper Networks representative for support.