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In this chapter we created the following objects:

  • Ns: ns-user-1

  • FIP VN: vn-ns-default

  • FIP pool: pool-ns-default

The ns-user-1 ns project, which refers to a namespace-level pool pool-ns-default that is to be created manually, will hold all of our test objects. The namespace-level pool is based on the virtual network vn-ns-default that has subnet 101.101.101/24. The floating IP for objects created in namespace ns-user-1 will be assigned from this subnet.


Once you have YAML files (given earlier) ready for the namespace and floating IP-virtual network, you can create these objects:

The floating IP-pool needs to be created separately in Contrail’s UI. Refer to the Contrail Floating IP section for the details.

With these objects there is a namespace associated with a floating IP pool. From inside of this namespace you can proceed to create and study other Kubernetes objects, such as Service.


All tests in this book that demonstrate service and ingress will be created under this ns-user-1 namespace.