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Contrail Ingress Load Balancer


Like Contrail’s service implementation, Contrail Ingress is also implemented through load balancer, but with a different loadbalancer_provider attribute. Accordingly, the contrail-svc-monitor component takes different actions to implement Ingress in Contrail environments.

Remember that way back in the Contrail/Kubernetes architecture section we gave the object mapping between Kubernetes and Contrail, and that Kubernetes service maps to ECMP load balancer (native) and Ingress maps to Haproxy load balancer.

In the service section when we were exploring the load balancer and the relevant objects (listener, pool, and member), we noticed the load balancer’s loadbalancer_provider type is native.

In this section we’ll see the loadbalancer_provider type is opencontrail for ingress’s load balancer. We’ll also look into the similarities and differences between service load balancer and Ingress load balancer.