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Restoring CTPView Software Configuration Settings and Data with the Restore Utility (CTPView Server Menu)


This topic describes how to use the CTPView restore utility to restore the CTPView software configuration settings and data from a previously saved archive file.

Before you begin:

To restore your saved information with the CTPView restore utility:

  1. From the CTPView Configuration Menu, select 5) Backup Functions.

    The Backup Functions menu is displayed.

  2. Select 2) Restore Settings and Data.

    You are prompted to use the archive file. After the restore script runs, you are prompted to run it again.

Using the restore utility, you can restore the following CTPView configuration settings and data:

  • Server synchronization on CTPView

  • AutoSwitch configuration for CTP devices

  • Configuration of CTP devices on CTPview (addition of CTP devices in groups)

  • Configuration of remote bundles (CTP, SAToP, and CESoPSN)

  • Network monitoring configuration on CTPView

  • NTP configuration for CTP devices

  • RADIUS configuration for CTP devices

  • Syslog configuration for CTP devices

  • SNMP and SNMP trap configurations for CTP devices


We recommend that you use CTPView server synchronization to restore your data.