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Changing the Server's Root Account Password (CTPView Server CLI)


For security purposes, change the default password for the server's root user account. The root account password should conform to your local password requirements.

Best Practice

Change the root account password at least yearly and whenever administrators change.

To change the root account password:

  1. Log in to the CTPView server as a non-root user, using either a directly connected keyboard and monitor or an SSH application over your network.Note

    You cannot use an SSH application to access the CTPView server until you have configured the server in your network and assigned it an IP address. See Configuring the Network Access (CTPView Server Menu).

  2. Enter su - to switch to the root account.
  3. Enter the default root password.

    For the default root password, see Default CTPOS and CTPView Accounts and Passwords. You cannot log in using the root account.

  4. Enter passwd.
  5. Enter your new password.