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SAToP Interoperability with M Series E1/T1 Circuit Emulation PICs Overview


You can use SAToP bundles to allow CTP devices to interoperate with Juniper Networks T1/E1 Circuit Emulation PICs on M Series Multiservice Edge Routers.

This interoperability allows you to deploy CTP150 and CTP2000 platforms to the customer edge by connecting them to existing M Series routers. By using existing routers and circuit emulation PICs with CTP equipment, you can provide services to smaller, remote locations without having to deploy additional M Series routers.

This feature uses a static Layer 2 circuit pseudowire that supports the use of GRE tunnels for carrying MPLS pseudowire traffic. To use this feature, you create a Layer 2 circuit and a GRE tunnel between the CTP device and the CE PIC on the router. Using SAToP encapsulation, you can provide a T1 TDM transport through the GRE tunnel.

The M Series router must have tunneling services available. These services can be built-in, as with the M7i, M120, and M360, or provided if you use an advanced services (AS) PIC that supports tunneling.