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Release Highlights


The following features have been added to CTPOS Release 9.1R3.1.

  • CTPOS 9.1R3.1 release supports creating dual image partitioning on the CompactFlash card. Dual image on the CompactFlash contains two logical images, where the first image consists first five partitions (1,5,6,7,8) and the second image consists five partitions (1,9,10,11,12). The first partition (bootable) is common to both images. You can upgrade any one of the images anytime after creating the dual image partitioning. [PR 1360833]

  • All CTPOS 7.x features and bug fixes are now migrated to CTPOS 9.1R3. [PR 1361165]

  • CESoPSN analog voice bundles are now supported. [PR 1417135]

  • You can now upgrade from CTPOS 9.0Rx to CTPOS 9.1R3, while retaining the existing configuration. [PR 1428842]

  • Support is added for CTP2000 and CTP150 platforms. [PR 1439855 and PR 1491003]

  • Support is added for PBS and L2Agg features. [PR 1534569]

  • Prevent upgrades of CTPOS 7.x installed on dual image CTP system. [PR 1535866]

  • Insensitive language in CTP product software and documents are removed to reflect gender neutrality, diversity, and inclusion. [PR 1542648]

  • Dual Image feature is enhanced to work on CTP151 platform. [PR 1576051 and PR 1616690]

  • Support is added for snmpwalk and snmpget of sensors data on CTP150 and CTP151 platforms. [PR 1616678]