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Resolved Issues in CTPOS Release 9.1R3


Following issues have been resolved in CTPOS Release 9.1R3.

  • rsync package is upgraded to fix error "rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(165). [PR 1335303]

  • CTP bundle on IPv6 is not working in protocol mode-IPv4 and IPv6. [PR 1409765]

  • Permission problem is observed on NTP drift.temp file. [PR 1446648]

  • CTP boots up, but ethernet links are down. [PR 1459162]

  • Menu does not always enforce the maximum PDV buffer settings. [PR 1467575]

  • Error message during upgrade. [PR 1520725]

  • CTP bundle counters show negative values. [PR 1527717]

  • Invalid-NAK error seen during NTP sync with two server using authentication key. [PR 1541390]

  • Destination port mirror using IPv6 cannot distinguish between local and remote address on 7.3R7. [PR 1558402]

  • Strong password requirements for default user accounts relaxed for firstboot in CTPOS. [PR 1602909]

  • Show correct data in plots when a new bundle is created on a port after deleting the existing bundle. [PR 1579681]