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There is more than one way to set flags for a port using the CLI. The first method is with the specific command, if it available.


The reclk_rd flag is currently the only flag that shows up in the config flag query display when it is disabled (reverse logic). This is because that function is normally enabled, and the flag display is set up to have nothing display when all flags are "normal".

Any of the items in the "flag" column can be used in a command. But you can also set the flag using the value in the mask column. This is done with the command "cmd port X cfg www_db "<string>". For example

The flags element is near the end of the string (in this case it is the 0x8). When Multiple flags are active, the appropriate bit position is active according to the mask definitions in the table above:

Notice that the flags field in the www_db string is 0x39, which is correct if you reference the table above and combine the masks for all the active flags. Likewise, you can set a group of flags with the www_db config string:

Where 0x8004a is the flag field value.