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Changing the BIOS Menu Password (CTPView Server CLI)


For security purposes, change the default password for BIOS menu access. This account has no username associated with it. The BIOS menu password should conform to your local password requirements.

Best Practice

Change the BIOS menu password at least yearly and whenever administrators change.

To change the BIOS menu password:

  1. Power on or reboot the server.
  2. During the boot process, press F2 while the Dell logo is displayed on the monitor. The boot process continues and displays several messages in turn on the screen.
  3. Enter the default password when the process pauses and displays “Enter Setup Password.”

    For the default BIOS menu password, see Default CTPOS and CTPView Accounts and Passwords.

  4. At the BIOS menu, select System Security and press Enter.
  5. Highlight Setup Password—be sure that you have not selected System Password—and press Enter.
  6. Enter your new BIOS password, reenter it, and then Press Enter to continue.
  7. Press Esc.
  8. In the window that opens, select Save Changes and Exit and press Enter.

    The server restarts.