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Setting the CTPView Server Start-Up Banner (CTPView Server Menu)


When you log in to the CTPView server, a log-in or start-up banner presents a message. You can change the banner to provide an appropriate message.

To set the start-up banner:

  1. From the CTPView Configuration Menu, select 1) Security Profile.

    The Main Security Profile Configuration Menu is displayed.

  2. Select 4) Change login banner.

    The current banner is displayed.

  3. Enter y to continue.
  4. Enter your message in the field, up to 80 characters per line.

    Only alphanumeric characters, commas, and underscores are allowed in the text.

  5. Enter a blank line to end the message.

    The new message is displayed.

  6. Enter y to accept the new message.

The log in banner is pushed to all CTP platforms on the network. You see the banner when you log in to CTPView whether by the GUI or by secure shell to the server.