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Burning CTPOS Images to a CompactFlash Card (CTPView Server CLI)


Before using CTPView to burn CTP software images onto CompactFlash cards, you must copy the appropriate CTP image files to the proper directory on the CTPView server. Released versions of CTP operating system software images are available for download from the Juniper Networks Customer Support site at You need your customer support username and password to access this site.

Place the CTP flash image file on the CTPView server in the /var/www/html/flash/ directory. To copy software into this directory, you must be a root user or a member of the UNIX group server, such as the default user juniper. You do not need to modify the file's ownership and permissions after you copy it into the /flash directory.

You must have physical access to the CTPView server to perform this procedure.

To burn a CTPOS image to a CompactFlash card:

  1. Place the new CompactFlash card into a USB CompactFlash card adapter, and insert the adapter into one of the USB ports on the CTPView server.

    The CTPView server automatically mounts the adapter.

  2. Log in to the CTPView server and switch to the root account.

    Use a directly connected monitor and keyboard or use SSH from a remote computer to log in to the server.

  3. Change directories to/var/www/html/flash.
  4. Enter ./burn flash_version.

    The image filename is flash_version. If you fail to include the version when you enter the command, the CTPView server displays usage instructions and a list of available flash images.

  5. Answer the screen prompts to complete the process.
  6. Log out of the server and remove the USB CompactFlash card adapter.