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Changing the Display Settings for CTPView Network Monitoring (CTPView)


You can change several settings to customize the look of CTPView network monitoring.

To change the display settings:

  1. In the side pane, select Network > Monitoring.

    The Network Monitoring pane is displayed.

  2. Click Display Settings.

    The Display Options window opens.

    You can change the following display options:

    • Number of platform group buttons in a row.

    • Width of each group button, in pixels.

    • Text size of each group button, in pixels.

    • Text size of each bundle or port button, in pixels.

    • Level of debugging information.

    • Audible notification by the browser each time status is reported as UNREACHABLE, CHECKHOST, or ACTIVE-DOWN.

  3. Select the setting values you want to change. Click Submit Choices to accept your changes, or click Undo Changes to restore the current value.