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Accessing a Shell on the CTPView Server (CTPView Server CLI)


Before you begin, you must have physical access to the server with a connected monitor and keyboard.

To gain access to a shell:

  1. Use the power switch on the server to turn off the power.
  2. Turn on the server power.
  3. When the blue GNU GRUB screen appears, enter the letter p. You have only a few seconds to do this.
  4. Enter the GRUB Boot Loader password.
  5. Enter the letter e.
  6. Use the keyboard arrows to highlight the line that begins with the word kernel.
  7. Enter the letter e.
  8. Enter the following code at the end of the highlighted line:


  9. Enter the letter b.

    The system boots and displays the bash-3.00# shell prompt.

  10. Enter the following command:

    /bin/mount /dev/md2 -o remount,rw