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Installing the CTPView Server OS (CTPView Server CLI)


This topic describes how to install the latest CTPView server OS. The server OS must be installed from the CTPView Management System CDs. Contact Juniper Networks Customer Support to send you the CDs.


The CTPView software is automatically installed when you install or upgrade the server OS with the CTPView Management System CDs.

To install or upgrade CTPView server OS:

  1. Insert the first CD from the latest CTPView Management System CD set into the server.
  2. From the CLI, select System Configuration > Reboot System to reboot the server.

    The reboot process halts at the Juniper CTPView Management System window.

  3. At the boot prompt, enter ctpview-install or ctpview-upgrade.Note

    We recommend that you choose ctpview-install. This action reformats the server hard drives, installs the latest version of the server OS, and creates a conforming instance of the OS. If you choose ctpview-upgrade, the latest version of the OS is installed, but the server hard drives are not reformatted.

  4. Follow the prompts to remove and insert the remaining CDs to complete the installation or upgrade process.

On some early hardware systems a RAMDISK error may be reported at the beginning of the upgrade process. If this occurs, perform the following steps:

  1. Leave the first CD in the server and use the server power switch to reboot the server.
  2. When the boot prompt appears, enter mediacheck. The server displays the message “Could not find kernel image: mediacheck”.
  3. At the boot prompt, enter ctpview-install or ctpview-upgrade.

    The upgrade process should proceed normally.