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Configuring NetRef for Primary or Backup Operation


NetRef primary backup operation involves a new packet flow from the primary node to all the backup nodes. These timing packets are sent at a rate of approximately 4.5 packets per second.


In this topic, the terms Primary and Backup refer to master and slave operations or nodes, respectively.

To configure network node reference for primary or backup operation:

  1. From the Main Menu, select 2) Node Synchronization
  2. Select 6) NetRef
  3. From the NetRef Menu, 1) NetRef.
  4. Enter 1 to select Master mode or 2 to select Slave mode.
  5. Select 2) Remote Address and specify the IP address of the NetRef slave.

When a node is configured for NetRef backup operation, the remote address must be configured to that of the primary node. Likewise, the NetRef primary node must be configured with the IP address of the NetRef backup node. A NetRef primary node can be configured to send data packets to up to 10 NetRef backup nodes.