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Monitoring the Network with the CTPView Software (CTPView)


You can enable network monitoring so that the CTPView software can periodically check the status of CTP platforms in your network. You can modify the network monitoring settings from the CTPView web interface. Before you can use network monitoring, you need to add your CTP devices (hosts) to the CTPView configuration and enable the device for network monitoring. To do so, use one of the following topics:

To enable CTPView network monitoring:

  1. In the side pane, select Network > Monitoring.

    The Network Monitoring pane is displayed. A Network Monitoring box displays the status of monitoring, Running or Stopped.

  2. Click the button for the group of CTP devices you want to monitor.
  3. Click Click to Start to initiate monitoring of the selected group.

    The operation or alarm status of each device in the group, and of each bundle on the device, is displayed. Table 1 lists the status options. A color key in the pane indicates the bundle state. The highest alarm level on a CTP device percolates up to the button for its group.

Table 1: Platform Group and Bundle Status



The bundle is configured as active, but the bundle state is Down, meaning that no circuit is established to the bundle.


The bundle is configured as active, and the bundle state is Up, meaning that a circuit is established to the bundle.


The problem is being assessed, and a user has placed the CTP platform into the Assessing state.

Check Host

The CTP platform is reachable across the network, but the CTPView software is unable to communicate with the platform to obtain the status of the bundles.


The circuit is configured as disabled. Ports not attached to bundles are marked Disabled.

No Data

No data can be obtained from the CTP platform. You must investigate further to determine the cause.


The CTPView server cannot reach the CTP host. This alarm can be due to an IP network problem, a site problem (such as a power outage), or a CTP equipment or configuration issue.

You can click on a CTP platform button or a bundle or port button to perform additional monitoring operations, such as checking the host connection, displaying the runtime query results, or overriding the network status.