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Configuring the Low-Speed CTP Bundle for TDM/TDC Operation (CTPView)


Configure the low-speed bundle on an odd-numbered port that is one port higher than the corresponding high-speed bundle.

Before you begin:

  • Log in to the CTPView software at least at the Net_Admin level.

  • Connect the CTPView server to the CTP device for which you want to configure bundles.

To configure the low-speed CTP bundle using CTPView:

  1. In the side pane, select Bundle > Configuration.
  2. Run your mouse over the Display and Select an Existing Bundle bar.
  3. In the table of bundles, select the bundle that you want to modify.
  4. Set the Clock Cfg to TDM/TDC Interleaved Slow Port.

Do not configure any other bundle parameters.