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Circuit to Packet Network Software Overview


This topic provides an overview of the software components of the CTPView Network Management System and the CTP platforms.

A typical Circuit to Packet network consists of one or more CTP platforms and a CTPView server. The CTPView server runs the CTPView Network Management System software to manage the CTP platforms and construct the circuit-to-packet traffic bundles.

The software components consist of the following:

  • CTPOS—Operating system that runs on the CTP platforms.

  • Fedora Core (FC) OS—Operating system that runs on the CTPView server.

  • CTPView Network Management System—Software that you use to build circuits and manage the CTP platforms. You can access this software through a browser application or through a text-based menu set.

    In this document, we use the term CTPView GUI to refer to the browser application, and the term CTPView server menu to refer to the text-based menus. CTPView software typically refers to the CTPView Network Management System without regard to the method used to access the server.