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Transparent Encoding Applications and Support Overview


Transparent mode is for unique applications that require the data and clock signals to be sampled at one end of a circuit and replicated at the far end. For example, applications in which:

  • Data rates are low (32 Kbps or less) and rates can vary over time. The sampling jitter prevents use of higher data rates.

  • Data rates are low and fixed and/or low network latency is required.

  • Clocks must disappear (transitions stop) periodically during circuit operation.

The transparent encoding scheme is supported only when you have worked with the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) to verify that your application requires this encoding scheme. You may need to use special adapters on the cable to properly map the data and clock signals to the connector pins that the application uses.

We recommend that you do not use transparent encoding in WAN environments because of its large consumption of bandwidth.