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Upgrading with the PP310 Upgrade Kit

  1. Power down the system through either the menu or CTPView.
  2. Remove the power cord.
  3. Remove the RTM from the chassis and remove the old CompactFlash card from the RTM. See Installing or Removing a CTP2000 Series CompactFlash Card.
  4. Confirm that the jumper settings on the new RTM provided in the upgrade kit conform to PP310 jumper settings, as shown in Figure 3.
    Figure 3: RTM Default Jumper Settings
    RTM Default
Jumper Settings
  5. Confirm that Ethernet dip switches SW1 and SW2 are set to ON, and that SW3 and SW 4 are set to OFF (see Figure 3).
  6. Install the 4-GB CompactFlash card from the upgrade kit in the new RTM and install the new RTM in the chassis. See Installing or Removing a CTP2000 Series CompactFlash Card.
  7. Attach a terminal server or similar device to the serial console port, COM2, on the RTM. This device will be used to interact with the script that runs when the upgrade CompactFlash card is booted.
  8. Remove the CPU card from the chassis, and replace the memory module on the CPU card with that from the upgrade kit. Install the memory module shipped with the kit only after you have finished these tasks. See Installing or Replacing CTP2000 DRAM Memory Modules in the PP310 or PP332 CPU and Upgrading CTP2000 Series Components for Memory Upgrades.
  9. Reset the BIOS to factory defaults. See Restoring BIOS Defaults for the CTPOS 7.0R1 and Later Upgrade (PP310).
  10. Reconnect all Ethernet cables.
  11. Replace the power cord.
  12. Power on the system and follow the procedure Using the Upgrade CompactFlash Card to respond to the instructions that appear on the serial console. You have the option of conserving information from a prior release of the operating system or setting the device for firstboot with CTP0S 7.0R1 and later.Note

    The system may go through multiple reboots during this process. The BIOS, FPGAs, and the firmware on the cards may be updated. If the power is removed during these upgrades, the cards may become unusable. Please ensure that the process continues until completion. Failure to do so may render the system unusable.