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Resolved Issues in CTPView Release 9.0R1


The following issue has been resolved in CTPView Release 9.0R1:

  • Bundle descriptors are missing from Netmon status. [PR 1359936]

  • Statistics collection from CTP fails when enabled in CTPView auto functions. [PR 1376063]

  • CTPView GUI is not authorizing users if a non CTPView VSA is included. [PR 1373954]

  • Manual CTP configuration is not saved from CTPView. [PR 1372560]

  • Importing certificates from a third party CA does not work. [PR 1360225]

  • SNMP community is not being displayed correctly after configuration. [PR 1355390]

  • CTPView should switch serial i/f signal names when set for DTE. [PR 1351453]

  • Unable to sync to a secondary CTPView server with strong passwords. [PR 1412497]