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Resolved Issues in CTPOS Release 9.0R1


Following issues have been resolved in CTPOS Release 9.0R1.

  • CTPOS displays wrong information on the hub card (main-clk => 710026404). [PR 1265458]

  • Some special characters cannot be used in SNMPv3 Engine ID when setting through the syscfg command. [PR 1323213]

  • CTP Unidirectional bundle is in Running state instead of MisCfg state with non allowable packet protector configuration. [PR 1331838]

  • Unable to set SNMPv3 username with allowed characters "-", "_", and "0-9". [PR 1343864]

  • CESoPSN frac T1 bundle fails over PBS serial ports. [PR 1364305]

  • Negative statistics value is displayed on packet counters. [PR 1370452]

  • Data lines are missing in CTP historical files. [PR 1378149]

  • First boot script does not run if FPGA upgrade is done. [PR 1390121]

  • Unable to edit the SNMPV3 engine ID. [PR 1255040]

  • Unable to add T1/E1 LOF counters and log events. [PR 1273976]

  • T1/Serial hairpin develops starves on the serial side and end equipment displays crc errors. [PR 1309312]

  • Low memory messages are displayed in syslog instead of script log. [PR 1321833]