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Setting an Audible Alert for CTP Platform Status (CTPView)


You can set an alert that the CTPView browser plays every time it detects a CTP platform status as UNREACHABLE, CHECKHOST, or ACTIVE-DOWN. You can add additional alert sounds to the available choices.

To select an alert sound:

  1. In the side pane, select Network > Monitoring.

    The Network Monitoring pane is displayed.

  2. Click Display Settings.

    The Display Options window opens.

  3. Select Enabled to set the browser to play an alert.
  4. Select an alert sound from the list.
  5. Click Submit Choices to accept your changes, or click Undo Changes to restore the current value.

To add additional alert sounds:

  • Copy the sound files to the CTPView server directory /var/www/html/acorn/sounds/.


Only files in .wav format are supported. The sound filename can include only alphanumeric characters and the underscore (_) character. The filename root is displayed as the label for the sound in the browser. The CTPView software automatically corrects illegal filenames and modifies file permissions as needed to enable the embedded media player to read the file.

The default browser installation for LINUX workstations may not include an embedded media player. An easy-to-install multimedia plug-in is available at