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Restoring Browser Access to a CTPView Server (CTPView Server Menu)


You cannot recover lost usernames and passwords. If you lose access to the CTPView GUI as a Global_Admin user, you can use the following procedure to restore the default Global_Admin user account Juniper, select a new password for user Juniper, and assign the user to the default user group TempGroup.

Before you begin, log in to the CTPView server and access the CTPView Configuration Menu. See Accessing the CTPView Server Configuration Menu (CTPView Server Menu).

To restore browser access to the CTPView server:

  1. From the CTPView Configuration Menu, select 7) CTPView Access Functions.
  2. Select 1) Reset password for default user Juniper.
  3. Follow the prompts to assign user Juniper to user group TempGroup. The user is given default user properties.
  4. Log in to the CTPView GUI with the restored user password, and review the default user values in CTPView Admin Center. Make any appropriate changes.