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Configuring the Direction of the Circuit (CTP Menu)


This topic describes how to configure the direction of the circuit.

Before you begin:

  • Disable the bundle before you modify the bundle options.

To configure the direction of circuits created with the CTP bundle using the CTP Menu:

  1. From the CTP Main Menu, select 1) Bundle Operations.
  2. Select 1) CTP.
  3. Select a bundle from the list.

    If you select an active bundle, you are prompted to disable the bundle before configuring it.

  4. Select 2) Config.
  5. Select 10) Advanced Options.
  6. Configure option 10 as described in Table 12.

Table 12: CTP Bundle Circuit Direction Setting in the CTP Menu

FieldFunctionYour Action

Unidirectional circuit

Specifies whether the circuit is unidirectional or bidirectional. If unidirectional, specify the direction of the circuit—source or destination.

Select one:

  • Bidirectional circuit—Circuit is bidirectional.

  • Unidirectional circuit source—Circuit is unidirectional, and this end of the circuit is the source.

  • Unidirectional circuit destination—Circuit is unidirectional, and this end of the circuit is the destination.