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    Unlocking a User Account (CTP Menu)

    Every user created in the CTP system expires after a specified time limit. If there is no user activity for a specified number of days after the expiry of the password, the user is locked out of the system. Such users can access the system only after their account is unlocked by a system administrator.

    Note: The menu option, Unlock user account is displayed only if you log in as a system administrator.

    This topic describes how to unlock a user account that has been locked out because of prolonged inactivity.

    To unlock a user from the CTP Menu:

    1. From the Main Menu, select 5) Node Operations > 15) Unlock user account and specify the user account to be unlocked.
      = (ctp_87 04/08/14 15:29:21  UTC) | Node Operations Menu
      Please select a number from the following list:
       0) Back to Previous Menu
       1) Change Node Date/Time/TimeZone
       2) Display network settings
       3) Configure network settings
       4) Initialize Database
       5) Ping IP address
       6) Traceroute IP address
       7) ssh to another host
       8) System descriptor field:
       9) Reboot Node
      10) Powerdown Node
      11) Display ethernet media
      12) Config ethernet media
      13) Set your password
      14) Config security profile
      15) Unlock user account
      ------------ Your choice [0]: 15
      Enter the user to be unlocked:
      Usage: chage [-l] [-m min_days] [-M max_days] [-W warn]
              [-I inactive] [-E expire] [-d last_day] user

      Sets the password expiry information for a user.


      Sets the expiry information for an account.


      Sets the minimum number of days that must pass before the password can be changed again. This is calculated from the date when the password was last changed.


      Sets the maximum number of days after which password must be changed. This is calculated from the date when the password was last changed.


      Sets the number of days before the expiry of the current password to issue password change warning. before


      Sets the number of days after password expiry when the account will be locked.


      Sets the password expiry date for a user. Specify date in the format MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD.


      Sets the last day for the user to change password.


      User account

    Modified: 2014-09-30