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Enabling Route Management Redundancy (CTPView)


This topic describes how to enable the route redundancy management feature.

To enable route management redundancy using CTPView:

  1. In the side pane, select System > Configuration.
  2. Set the AutoSwitch Daemon parameter to Enabled.
  3. Click AutoSwitch.
  4. Under AutoSwitch Ethernet Failover Settings, configure the parameters described in Table 1, and click Submit Settings.

Table 1: Route Management Redundancy Settings in CTPView

FieldFunctionYour Action


Enables or disables route management redundancy

Select one:

  • Enabled

  • Disabled

Secondary Revert

Specifies whether or not the CTP device periodically checks the connectivity to the AutoSwitch primary device after a switchover to the secondary device.

Whenever the primary route is unavailable, the traffic is routed through the secondary route configured in the CTP system. Secondary Revert feature applies only when traffic is flowing through the secondary route. When Secondary Revert is enabled, the traffic is routed back to the primary route after a configurable delay, whenever the primary route is back online. If the secondary route is disabled, the route is not switched back to the primary route even if the primary route is available again.

Select one:

  • Disabled—CTP device does not check the connectivity to the primary device.

  • Enabled—CTP device checks the connectivity to the primary CTP device after a switchover. If the primary device becomes available, the CTP device reconnects to the primary CTP device.

Forceful Revert

The Forceful Revert button is enabled only if the Route Management Redundancy status is set to enabled and Secondary Revert is disabled.

If secondary revert is disabled after the switchover from primary device to secondary device, click Forceful Revert to perform switchover from the secondary device to the primary device, provided the primary device becomes available.

Click Forceful Revert to manually switch from the secondary device to the primary device.

Check Period [all functions]

Specifies the frequency with which the CTP software runs a reachability check. For example, if the check period is set for 30, the CTP software verifies whether the next hop is reachable once every 30 seconds.

Select the number of seconds.