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Bundle Failover Between CTP Devices at Alternate Sites Overview


If a bundle circuit fails and the CTP device becomes unreachable, the CTP device can use the AutoSwitch feature to switch between primary and secondary devices.

As shown in Figure 1, you can use this feature to automatically switch circuits from a primary site to an alternate site if a failure occurs. Automatic switching between alternate sites allows communications to be quickly restored in the event of a major site outage, as might occur with a power failure.

Figure 1: Using Autoswitch to Back Up Bundles
Using Autoswitch
to Back Up Bundles

For each bundle, you can have a primary and a secondary remote circuit. When you enable AutoSwitch for a bundle, it monitors the status of circuits created by the bundle. If a circuit fails to operate, the CTP software switches over to the secondary circuit on an alternate CTP device.

As shown in Figure 1, you configure AutoSwitch at the CTP hub.