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New Features

The following features have been added to CTPOS Release 7.3R1.

Support for Autoupgrading FPGA When Incorrect FPGA IS Detected

CTP devices enable autoupgrading the FPGA when line cards with different FPGA versions are swapped, a new line card (with a different FPGA version) is added, or an incorrect FPGA is detected. [PR 596068]

Support for Logging AIS and LOS Condition Exit/Entry Messages

For the T1/E1 interface module, alarm indication signal (AIS) and loss of signal (LOS) condition exit or entry messages are printed in the network syslog file. [PR 1164105]

Support for Traceroute with Source IP Address

CTP devices support executing the traceroute command with the source IP address option. [PR 1168875]

Support to Limit the Number of Sessions per User

In High Security level, the CTP Box and CTPView server limit the number of concurrent sessions to three per user, by default. To support this enhancement, a new option Configure maximum number of concurrent sessions for users is added under Node Operations > Config security profile > User Management. Only the system administrator can configure a value for this option ranging from 1 through 3. [PR 1168938]

Support for Creating a New Bundle with the Saved Bundle Configuration

CTPMenu and CTPView GUI enable CTP administrator and system administrator to copy the existing bundle configuration on similar type of new port. [PR 1171607]

Support for Generating Traps and Syslog Messages on SdInactive

CTP devices support generating syslog messages and sending traps to the SNMP MIB Browser if the SdInactive flag is set. [PR 1173307]

Support to Include the information of Security Patch Versions in cmd Utility

The cmd utility is enhanced to display information of security patch versions released between the standard CTPOS releases. The security patch includes third party package such as SSH/SSL, SNMP, NTP, Kernel, and GLIBC. The cmd utility lists these security patch versions within the cmd -v output, when there is a change in the third party package associated with the current CTPOS release. [PR 1174137]

Modified: 2016-08-30