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    4WE&M Interface Module with VComp Bundles Overview

    The 4WE&M module is a four-wire audio interface with E and M signaling interfaces. E and M is a type of supervisory line signaling that uses separate leads, called the E (ear) lead and the M (mouth) lead. In 4WE&M signaling, two wires are used to receive and two wires are used to transmit, incorporating simplex control and differential payload in each channel. The 4WE&M module supports type I, II, and V signaling.

    The 4WE&M module provides the following features:

    • Enables a CTP device to connect directly to analog PBX voice switch trunks and transport those trunks over the IP/MPLS network.
    • Minimizes IP overhead by bundling multiple analog channels from a single module or multiple modules into one packet.
    • Works with T1/E1 DS0s to enable small analog sites to be aggregated into larger digital T1 or E1 PBX voice switches.

    Modified: 2010-10-26