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Configuring Port Mirroring Tails for VComp Bundles (CTP Menu)

Port mirroring enables you to mirror traffic to a third port. The packet generated from the source is sent to an assigned destination and to another port whether it is on the local node or remote node.

You can configure up to 10 tails for each type of port mirroring, source, and destination. Each tail is identified by a remote IP address and a remote CID. An existing tail may be modified by changing only its remote CID, remote IP address, or both.

Bundles using port mirroring must have the direct drive disabled. When a bundle configuration that has a port mirroring component is submitted, the CTPView software enforces the direct drive rule when the node is configured to the new settings.

Note: To view and configure port mirroring parameters, you must login with administrator privileges.

You can configure source and destination port mirroring for a CTP device from CTPView.

To configure source and destination port mirroring for VComp bundles from the CTP Menu:

  1. From the Main Menu, select 1) Bundle Operations > 4) VCOMP.
  2. Select a bundle from the list.
  3. Select 2) Config > 11) Port Mirror Tail.
    Is this a port mirroring tail? y[n]:
  4. Enter y to confirm and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Modified: 2015-11-17