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Allocating Channels for Analog Interfaces for VComp Bundles (CTPView)

This topic describes how to allocate channels for VComp bundles.

You can configure up to 30 voice channels on a VComp bundle. These channels can be one type only; for example, if the first channel of a VComp bundle is a 4WE&M type; any additional channels added to the bundle must be of the same type.

Before you begin:

  • Log in to the CTPView software at least at the Net_Admin level.
  • Connect the CTPView server to the CTP device for which you want to configure bundles.
  • Disable the bundle before you modify the bundle options.

To allocate channels using CTPView:

  1. In the side pane, select Bundle > Configuration.
  2. Run your mouse over the Display and Select an Existing Bundle bar.
  3. In the table of bundles, select the bundle that you want to modify.
  4. Under Bundle Options, configure the parameter described in Table 17.
  5. Click Click to Submit Bundle AND Port Changes.

Table 17: VComp Bundle Channel Allocation Parameter Settings in CTPView

FieldFunctionYour Action

Attached Voice Ports

Specifies the interfaces and channels to use in the bundle.

The top number is the port, and the bottom number is the channel.

It is important to note that the order of the channels corresponds to the relative channel positions of the channels in the bundle. They connect on a one-to-one basis with the channels in the VComp bundle on the remote end of the network. When channels are removed from a VComp bundle, remaining channels are shifted left.

To select a port for the bundle, click on the port (the top number). Green ports are selected. Gray ports are not selected.

To change the channel number, click on the channel number you want to change, and click on the channel number to which you want the number changed.

Conflicts in channel order are designated with a red background to the conflicting sections. You cannot submit the bundle configuration if a channel order conflict exists.

Modified: 2015-11-17