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To view SNMPTrap configuration help

  • Example SNMP Trap help command
    [ctp_cmd@nova_47 ~ 1]> syscfg -h -u snmptrap
    Useage: syscfg -s -u snmptrap [-o interactive] [-v ':<token>:[<token>:][<token>:]']
      -o interactive option will ask the user for input (menu mode)
      -v strings begin and end with a ":", and have one or more tokens
      Valid tokens are:
      STx   x = Enable or disable SNMP traps (1=enable,0=disable).
      TRx   x = SNMP trap community string.
      IP,x,   x = trap host IP (IPv4 or IPv6 format)
            - Leaving out TR token will set it to "none".

Modified: 2015-11-17