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To enable SNMP to allow access from any IP address

  • Usage:
    syscfg -s -u snmpdconf -v :ST1:LO<location string>:CO<contact string>:USR,rw|ro,2,4|6,comm,ip,: USR,ro,3,user,pass,:
    Example (with expected results)
    [ctp_cmd@nova_47 log 19]> syscfg -s -u snmpdconf -v :ST1:LO,"Lab":CO,"System Administrator":USR,ro,2,4,acorn,default,:USR,ro,2,6,acorn,default,:USR,rw,2,4,acornw,default,:USR,ro,3,acorn3,password,:
    Shutting down snmpd: [  OK  ]
    Starting snmpd:      [  OK  ]
    Log Events
    Feb 11 16:44:07 nova_47 snmpd: snmpd startup succeeded

Modified: 2015-11-17