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TACACS++ is configured on the CTP with a utility in syscfg. The help command for TACACS+ is:

[ctp_cmd@gluon_50 ~ 6]> syscfg -h -u tacplus_cfg

    Usage: syscfg -s -u tacplus_cfg -v
      Configures TACPLUS with:
	SIP<ip>     - TACPLUS server IP
	SS<string>  - Shared Secret string
	TO<int>     - Timeout period: 1-60 seconds [default=5]
	ST<b>       - State: 0=off 1=on [default=0]
	RP<int>     - TACPLUs server Port [default=49]
	OLF<b>      - Off-Line-Failover: 0=not allowed, 1=allowed to local acct [default=1]
	RF<b>       - Reject-Failover: 0=not allowed, 1=allowed to local acct [default=1]
	 Optional additional TACPLUS servers: # is <int> from 1-9
	 N<#>SIP<ip>      - Additional TACPLUS servers
	 N<#>SS<string>   - Additional Shared Secret string

    Usage: syscfg -r -u tacplus_cfg
      Prints out the Tacplus configuration in above format.

    [ctp_cmd@gluon_50 ~ 7]>

Modified: 2015-11-17