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Configuring Multiservice TDC Mode Parameters for CTP Bundles (CTP Menu)

Before you begin:

  • Disable the bundle before you modify the bundle options.

To configure Multiservice TDC mode port parameters using the CTP Menu:

  1. From the CTP Main Menu, select 1) Bundle Operations.
  2. Select 1) CTP.
  3. Select a bundle from the list.

    If you select an active bundle, you are prompted to disable the bundle before configuring it.

  4. Select 3) Port Config.
  5. Select 2) Interface.
  6. Select 1) Typeand set the type to Optional Interface: MultiSvc.
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions and configure the options as described in Table 7.

Table 7: CTP Bundle Multiservice TDC Port Parameter Settings in the CTP Menu

FieldFunctionYour Action


Specifies that the bundle will run in TDC mode.

Select TDC/IRIG.


Specifies the direction of the circuit.

Select one:

  • Src (signal enters CTP)—End of the circuit that receives NRZ/IRIG data.
  • Dst (signal exits CTP)—End of the circuit that sends NRZ/IRIG data toward the network.


Specifies the data rate on the IP connection.

Enter a number from 500 through 5,000,000 bps. The port speed must be a multiple of 500 bps.

IRIG Output Level

Specifies the output level.

Note the following information about the values:

  • 0—There is no output.
  • 128—Unity gain, which means there is no attenuation or gain.
  • 255—Gain is 2:1.

Enter a number from 0 through 255.

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Modified: 2015-11-17