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Configuring BERT Testing for CTP Bundles (CTP Menu)

BERTs do not run on bundles that use transparent encoding or on fractional T1/E1 bundles.

To configure BERTs with the CTP Menu:

  1. From the CTP Main Menu, select 1) Bundle Operations.
  2. Select 1) CTP.
  3. Select a bundle from the list.
  4. Select 8) Runtime Diags.
  5. Configure the BERT options as described in Table 65.

Table 65: BERT Parameter Settings in the CTP Menu

FieldFunctionYour Action

BERT Injection

Specifies whether this bundle acts as the BERT transmitter. If the bundle is the BERT transmitter, specifies the direction in which it transmits test data.

Select one:

  • Disabled—Disables BERT transmission on this bundle.
  • Tx to NET—BERT pattern is injected toward the IP network. User data transmitted in the direction of the IP network is replaced with the BERT pattern.
  • Tx to I/F—BERT pattern is injected toward the serial interface. User data transmitted toward the serial interface is replaced with the BERT pattern.

BERT Reception

Specifies whether this bundle acts as the BERT receiver. If the bundle is the BERT receiver, specifies the direction from which it receives test data.

The BERT receiver does not disrupt the existing data flow in either direction.

Select one:

  • Disabled—Disables BERT reception on this bundle.
  • Rx from NET—BERT pattern is received from the network.
  • Rx from I/F—BERT pattern is received from the interface.

BERT Pattern

Specifies the type of BERT pattern.

BERT patterns are compatible with the external BERT equipment that you are using. All patterns except 2^31-1 are compatible with the Fireberd 6000.

When you set up a bidirectional end-to-end BERT, you must configure the same pattern on both bundles.

Select one:

  • MARK
  • ALT
  • 511
  • 2047
  • 2^15-1
  • 2^20-1
  • 2^23-1
  • 2^29-1
  • 2^31-1
  • 2^4-1

BERT Error Inject

The BERT transmitter injects an error into the pattern to verify that an end-to-end BERT has been established.

Enter 5) BERT Error Inject to inject an error into the pattern.

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Modified: 2015-11-17