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    Initial Root Password for Logging into a cSRX Container

    If you intend to log into the cSRX container using SSH, specify an initial root password when launching the cSRX. When a cSRX container is launched, remote access using SSH will be enforced with username and password.

    Note: After the cSRX container is started, change the password and, if desired, the authentication method for the root-level user.

    To specify an initial root password for logging into the cSRX container, include the CSRX_ROOT_PASSWORD environment variable in the –meta option as part of the nova boot command syntax. For example:

    root@csrx-ubuntu3:~/csrx# nova boot --image csrx-registry:5050/csrx:20171214 --flavor m1.small --availability-zone az-docker --nic net-id=039e73e4-6033-4851-8379-21e1cedf1a30 --nic net-id=326eb329-1e66-46b7-8438-a8f41c88bec9 --nic net-id=3e744a74-2579-455f-aea9-92e0655abec6 --meta CSRX_ROOT_PASSWORD=<password> csrx-fw

    Modified: 2018-01-02