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Changing the Size of a cSRX Container


Based on your specific cSRX deployment requirements, scale requirements, and resource availability, you can scale the performance and capacity of a cSRX instance by specifying a specific size (small, middle, or large). Each cSRX size has certain characteristics and can be applicable to certain deployments. By default, the cSRX container launches using the large size configuration.

Table 1 compares the scale requirements of a cSRX instance depending on the specified size.

Table 1: cSRX Size Comparison


cSRX: Small Size

cSRX: Middle Size

cSRX: Large Size (Default)

Physical Memory Overhead




Number of Flow Sessions




To assign a specific size for a cSRX instance, include the CSRX_SIZE environment variable in the docker run command.

For example, to launch a cSRX instance using the middle size configuration to scale performance and capacity:

root@csrx-ubuntu3:~/csrx# docker run -d --privileged --network=mgt_bridge -e CSRX_SIZE="middle" --name=<csrx-container-name> <csrx-image-name>