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Known Issues


This section lists the known issues in Junos OS Release 18.2R1 for cSRX.


For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

cSRX in Contrail

  • When configuring cSRX in Contrail, there is a limitation with the use of an Openstack user date file and XML tag names. For, example, if you use an Openstack user date file that includes <size><small | middle | large></size> in the file, the cSRX flavor will remain at the small default setting. You must pass configuration settings by using Openstack metadata and the available cSRX environment variables. You can, however, use an Openstack user date file to pass a Junos configuration in <conf></conf/> and <boot_script></script> for cSRX boot-time configuration, but excluding the cSRX-specific XML tags. PR1310158

    Workaround: To change a configuration setting for the cSRX container, pass the configuration setting by including the –meta option in the nova boot command. See the cSRX Deployment Guide for Contrail for details.

  • When configuring cSRX in a Contrail service chain, the service chain does not support traffic forwarding in secure-wire mode. PR1323762

    Workaround: The cSRX uses routing as the default environment variable for traffic forwarding mode. Do not change the traffic forwarding mode of the cSRX container to secure-wire mode. See the cSRX Deployment Guide for Contrail for details.